New Oval Design Fits With Any Case or Your Money Back!

Our most innovative design now has the oval-shaped magnetic connector which allows up to 99% compatibility rate with cases as compared to an 83% rate with other older, circular chargers. This goes for iPhone, Samsung, Android, and iOS etc.


Four Colors to Choose From, More on The Way!

3 in 1 Design! Each Cable Comes With All Three Connectors!

   Our cable has a 3 in 1 design that comes with three magnetic tips that turn the open end into a Lightning, Micro USB, or Type C. You can prevent lint and debris from entering and damaging your charging ports by keeping the magnetic tip in your phone, tablet, or laptop and also be able to instantly switch between devices with a single cable.

No More Broken Charging Cables!

We demanded there be a cable strong enough to for once, outlast your phone. The average person goes through roughly 3 cables in their phones lifetime. Another sneaky and unethical trick big phone companies do to receive some extra money from the consumer. Not only is our cable durable but with SMARTCHIP technology it is now one of the safest charging devices on the market when it comes to prolonging your phones battery life.

 The InnovaCharger is Built To Last!

We had longevity in mind when seeking out the best manufacture for our product design. As you can see nothing but the best and highest grade materials went into producing the InnovaCharger! No more spending high dollars on low grade chargers that just end up in the trash and or damaging your device. 

3 in 1 Magnetic USB Charging Cable

Sale price Price $16.97 Regular price $31.99 Unit price  per